Rowland Unified names two new administrators

Two more new administrative appointments have been announced by the Rowland Unified School District Board of Education.

Karen Magana is the new learning director at Alvarado Intermediate School. She is an experienced teacher in primary and upper grades and is fluent in Spanish.

She was most recently the assistant principal at Lakeside Middle School. Magana earned her bachelor’s and her master’s degrees in educational administration from Cal State Los Angeles.

Glenda Lisette Marin is the new learning director for Killian Elementary School and Ybarra Academy of the Arts and Technology. Her experience includes adjunct professor at Loyola Marymount University, assistant principal at Robert F. Kennedy Elementary in Los Angeles Unified School District, and coordinator of English language and academic intervention programs.

Marin earned her bachelor’s degree from UC Berkeley and her master of science in educational administration from Pepperdine University.