Survey says Rowland is looking for your opinion

Unified School
District is starting a new way to discuss how to improve schools. The first of initiative launches today with a Districtwide Climate
Survey. Rowland parents, teachers, staff, and community members may share their perceptions of the district and its programs.

“We are giving everyone
the chance to provide feedback on how we can improve,” said Superintendent Maria
Ott. “Future initiatives will include
this technology to increase community input. Upcoming studies will provide many
opportunities for public involvement, including an invitation for high school
students to share their perspectives.”

To conserve resources and
include as many people as possible, the school district has
launched an initiative to collect email addresses from parents and
community members. Those who provide their email
addresses will receive email invitations to
participate in the survey. The climate survey
is accessible from Sept. 27 – Oct. 14, through a link posted
on the “Your
section of each school’s website and the
district’s website,
It is also available in Chinese, Korean and Spanish.

Anyone without a computer may visit the district
office (located at 1830 S. Nogales
Street in Rowland Heights)
or the local library to take the survey online. Residents may also call the
school district at (626) 854-8352 and request a paper copy of the survey. The
goal is to ensure that everyone can easily provide input.

“An important part of our job as school administrators is to
listen to the opinions and values of those in our community so we can make
informed decisions,” said Ott. “Partnering with our community
gives us direct access to the unique perspectives of every member of our
district. The engagement process gives everyone a voice in all the critical
decisions we make as we pursue excellence for our children.”

As part of its plan to foster greater transparency and increase its presence in
the community, the district will make the results of the current survey, as
well as all future surveys, available on the district website shortly after the
survey closes. The district also plans to communicate how it will use the
collected data to provide the best education for Rowland USD’s children.