Red Dragon slays bullies in West Covina

Violence can happen anywhere and school is no
exception. Red Dragon Karate in West Covina has long since recognized
this and the martial arts studio started a program to combat bullying in
schools. It’s called the Bully Proof Workshop – and it’s free.

“We’ve had this program for over five years,” owner Mike
Casamassa said. “We’ve always had parents come in with their kids and
tell us that their kids are being bullied. That’s when we decided to put
together this free workshop.”

These days, it’s hard to find much of anything for free. But
the Bully Proof Workshop is a testament to the fact that some businesses
still care about their community. So far the course has been successful
and made a difference in West Covina’s youth, at least for the ones who
turned to Red Dragon Karate for help.

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