Rowland students move back to remodeled schools


If you think moving is hard, try moving an
entire school. Rowland Unified accomplished this monstrous task twice
over the winter break.

Northam and Jellick elementaries moved back into their newly
renovated campuses. And everyone is excited to see their sparkling new

“I love my new classroom,” said Northam teacher Araceli Gamboa. “They’re very comfortable.”

As well they should be with new insulated walls and windows. There’s also energy efficient lighting and heating.

Gamboa’s kindergarten students scampered across the new
carpeting. Brightly colored posters decorated the tackable walls at the
La Puente campus.

“The move back went pretty smoothly,” said Northam Principal
Gerardo Yepez. “This is one of the reasons I took this job, because of
the significant support the district gives our schools.”

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