Rowland’s Nick Rivera signs with Texas Tech


Athletics Vice
Principal Bob Withers and Principal Mitch Brunyer congratulate Rowland High’s Nick Rivera after getting a scholarship to Texas Tech.

was National Signing Day and Rowland High School
students, staff and the family of senior Nick Rivera gathered to celebrate with a
signing ceremony of their own. Rivera received a scholarship in track and field from Texas Tech University.

Athletics Vice
Principal Bob Withers said, “Getting a scholarship is an
extremely difficult process – not everyone gets one and a lot goes into it.
You have to work hard, get good grades, a good SAT score, be athletically
gifted and more important, good character. Nick represents all of these traits.” 

Rivera made a heartwarming speech to the crowd, thanking in length his family and his coaches.

want to thank the coaches – Coach Luna has helped me so much with the recruiting
process.  Even though he’s tough – at the end of the day, he is
a really good guy, a good teacher and good coach and I’m glad I had him,”
said Rivera.

 “I also want to give a shout out to my team mates – the
cross country team – the journey has been even better with them. I want
to thank all of you and the teachers for keeping me in check and making sure I
am doing what I am supposed to do and helping me every day. Everyone at Rowland High School – the support you have
shown me, I’ll never forget it.”