German-Americans parents want dual immersion school

Coming next year, some kindergarten and first-grade students at Phelan Elementary School might be learning German.

It would be part of a dual-immersion program proposed by
German-American parents – who want their children to maintain their
heritage and language – to the Whittier City School District.

While district officials say they’re still exploring the idea,
Superintendent Ron Carruth was expected to provide more information to
the board at its Tuesday night meeting.

Still, educators like what they’ve seen so far.

“I think the proposal is a great idea,” said Rebecca Gonzalez,
Phelan principal. “We have seen that students who are proficient in two
languages are very successful in school.”

Phelan was selected as the right location because the school
already was planning on becoming a language and literacy academy,
Gonzalez said.

Eventually, the school could expand to other languages, like some other schools have, Gonzalez said.

For example, Franklin Elementary School in Glendale offers dual-immersion programs in German, Italian and Spanish, she said.