Rowland Unified competes in Science Olympiad


Rowland High School
students Sherman Lam and Wesley Ru won first place with their Robot Arm at the
Science Olympiad competition last weekend.

weekend, the Los Angeles County Science Olympiad tournaments were held at Occidental College, where elementary, middle and
high school students from across the region competed individually and in teams
in rigorous competitions in the disciplines of biology, earth science,
chemistry, physics, computers and technology.

Rowland Unified sent teams from Alvarado Intermediate, Rowland
High School, Ybarra Academy
and for the first year, Hurley Elementary. All brought home medals! Rowland High School’s Science Olympiad
team placed 7th out of 44 high schools.

Individual medals went to the following:

place – Robot Arm – Sherman Lam and Wesley Ru; 2nd
place – Sounds of Music – Sherman Lam and Kevin Hayakawa
; 2nd
place – Thermodynamics – Kevin Hayakawa and Wesley Ru
; 2nd
place – Protein Modeling – Kevin Hayakawa, Philip Chung and Jean Tan
; 4th
place – Write it, Do it – Jean Tan and Philby Wang; 5th place – Anatomy and Physiology- Alexander Chan and Richard Lim; 5th
place – Towers – Philby Wang and Richard Lim
; 6th
place – Astronomy – Sherman Lam and Michelle Wang
; 7th
place – Experimental Design – Sherman Lam, Shuen Sun and Wesley Ru.

Ybarra Academy sent two
teams this year, one in Division A (4th – 6th grade) and for the first time,
one team in Division B (7th – 8th grade).