Walnut High offers “Wonderful” musical


Walnut is a wonderful town. But it’s not the
subject of the spring musical “Wonderful Town” this weekend in the high
school’s performing arts center.

Rather, the light-hearted comedy follows two Ohio sisters who move to New York City to search for love and their fortune.

“Basically, our characters are sent to the big city to find
husbands,” explained Elizabeth Horn, the Walnut senior playing the older

Along the way, the sisters learn about love and life in the Big Apple.

“My character wants to become a journalist and develops a
crush on the editor at a big city paper,” the alto said. “At the end of
the play, he tells me he loves me.”

But don’t worry, even knowing the ending doesn’t

ruin this romp through New York in the 1930s. The
songs and themes stand the test of time, according to the young
thespians we talked to.

Director Joanne Karr notes the cast of 51 is one of the largest in
a performing arts production. Of course, all those feet come in handy
during the bustling street scenes.

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