Rowland budget hinges on November tax initiatives

Superintendent Maria Ott will share an overview on Rowland Unified’s operational budget and the impact from the state’s budget on
the district. An update on bond modernization
projects will also be shared.

Meetings will take place on today at 6 p.m. at Rowland High School in the Hideout, (located at 2000 S.
Otterbein Avenue in Rowland Heights). Another meeting will be held on Thursday at 6
p.m. at Telesis Academy of Science & Math, (located at 2800 E.
Hollingworth Street in West Covina.)

District Spanish and Chinese
translators will be available.


Rowland Unified announced last month that it would
not be laying off permanent teachers this year – one of the few districts in the region to not implement layoffs or furlough days for

to our strong reserves and prudent fiscal management, we have weathered
the reductions made for the current year,” said Superintendent Ott.
“However, it is important for us to share with the public that the fate
of the 2012-13 budget is based on the tax initiatives proposed for the
November election ballot.”

 Modernization and Measure R Bond information will also be presented at the meeting.

 For further information, call the Public Information Office at 626-854-8352.