Youth Science Center offers science in La Puente schools


Mia Ontiveros wears her heart on her shirt for all to see.

The 11-year-old drew a heart with connecting veins of the
circulatory system on a white T-shirt while learning about the human
body during the Summer Science Program class at Baldwin Academy in La

“I’m just labeling (the veins and organs on the shirt) so you
can see where they are (on your body) when you wear it,” said Ontiveros. The incoming sixth-grader and her fellow students learned
about human body systems and were asked to draw the system of
their choice on a shirt for a project.

“I knew about the (body’s) systems,” said 10-year-old incoming
sixth-grader Ramiro Muniz. “This is like a review. It was different but

Baldwin is one of two satellite program sites in the La Puente
area offered through the Youth Science Center (YSC) in Hacienda
Heights. The other school site is Sparks Elementary.

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