Walnut Valley confirms at least $10,000 is missing

The Walnut Valley Unified School District
confirmed Wednesday that at least $10,000 is missing from Walnut
Elementary School’s Community Club, a PTA-like organization.

The district’s auditors produced a draft report that
recommended the school district turn the matter over to Los Angeles
County Sheriff’s investigators at the Walnut/Diamond Bar station,
Superintendent Dean Conklin said.

“We do expect that a crime was committed,” he said after reading the report. “We are victims of a crime.”

Deputies at the Walnut/Diamond Bar station will receive the
auditor’s report shortly, as soon as it is finalized, Conklin said.

“They will follow through with their investigation,” he said.

Conklin said the auditor pored over the club’s bank accounts
and could not account for “at least $10,000.” He said the report points
to a single volunteer with the group who is not an employee of the

The missing money comes from the group’s fundraising cash and
is not taxpayer funds, he said. The district’s funding is not affected.

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