Rowland High expands Korean classes

“An nyoung.” Rowland
High students will be saying “hello” to an expanded Korean program this
year. The popular program will see an additional instructor, as well as
new classes for the International Baccalaureate track.

“We looked at the large number of students requesting Korean
language classes and decided we needed to meet the demand,” explained
Principal Mitch Brunyer.

Brunyer traveled to Korea this summer, where he learned a lot
about the country’s customs and cultures. He was joined by three Rowland
High students who spent three weeks studying in Korea.

“We were selected by the Foundation for Korean Language and
Culture in Los Angeles for its summer program,” the local administrator

Brunyer joined 19 other administrators from California, New
York, Virginia and Texas on the nine-day excursion. The educators toured
the Asian country, learning its culture and history.

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