Fairy tales come true at St. Mark’s in Hacienda Heights

Students rehearses “Into The Woods, Junior” at St. Mark’s Lutheran School in Hacienda Heights.

Fairy tales do come true. At least at St. Mark’s Lutheran School, which is performing “Into the Woods, Junior” for its spring musical.

The Tony Award winning play opens tonight at 7 p.m. And as usual, the Hacienda Heights school has gone to great lengths to prepare an enjoyable experience.
“It’s one of my favorite musicals, but it’s challenging because it has a large cast and each has a solo. I thought we had the singers to do it this year,” said Drama Director Julie Evangelista.

So if you enjoyed “Jack and the Bean Stalk” playing in the local movie theater, or watch “Once Upon a Time” on Sundays, then this is a chance to see your favorite fairy tale characters come to life on stage.

The storybook creatures are all there, Little Red Riding Hood, Jack, Rapunzel and Cinderella. Follow the “Into the Woods” as they explore the stories from several tales told by the Brothers Grimm.

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