Rowland responds: Why aren’t projectors mounted at Northam Elementary?

Rowland Responds received a question from a Northam Elementary Parent asking why projectors were not mounted in the school like at other modernized schools.

Answer by Building Services Department and Northam Elementary Principal Celia Munguia:

During the modernization of schools under the 2006 Bond program, all sites were modernized and utilities were upgraded, classrooms were remodeled with learning walls and tack board walls, and new energy efficient lights.
At the same time, all the modernized classrooms were fitted with the wiring for ceiling mounted projectors. Bond funds could not pay for the projectors and decisions to purchase the projectors were left with the site Administration.
Sites had to purchase the projectors and if it was decided to have them installed in the new classrooms, the District assisted with the installation.
At Northam Elementary, Principal Celia Munguia has confirmed that each classroom has a projector, and in addition, an Elmo and a laptop computer for instructional use.
Principal Munguia notes that many of the projectors are not mounted, however, the installation is in the process of being done.
She welcomes all parents to participate in school site council meetings where they can receive information about this matter and other school-related items. For any other questions, please feel free to contact the Principal’s Office at Northam.