Teachers upset by negative attacks by California Teachers Association

From Marshall Tuck campaign

California public school teachers are speaking out today against their union’s attacks on State Superintendent of Public Instruction candidate Marshall Tuck by strongly urging the CTA to stop spending teachers’ hard-earned dues dollars on dishonest attack ads that mislead voters.

The union is airing a radio ad statewide that attempts to smear Tuck’s record by distorting the facts. The ad is the latest in a multi-million dollar campaign to bolster embattled incumbent Torlakson and avoid talking about the real issues facing California schools.

The teachers are speaking out in a public letter to California Teachers Association President Dean Vogel, urging him to stop the attacks and work together to find a solution for improving California schools:

These attacks are particularly disturbing in light of Mr. Tuck’s outstanding record improving schools in some of California’s toughest neighborhoods. As you know, Mr. Tuck has led two innovative school systems in high-need areas:

Green Dot Public Schools and the Partnership for LA Schools. Both of these school systems have unionized teachers under the California Teachers Association and serve as national models for parental involvement, effective technology in the classroom, and excellent teaching methods. Mr. Tuck worked successfully with teachers’ unions to improve education outcomes, outperforming similar schools in graduation rates and overall academic achievement. These schools have also been good for teachers; last year a clear majority of Partnership teachers said their schools are headed in the right direction. Our union should celebrate these results, not smear them.

We can all agree that California’s public schools are not adequately preparing students to compete in the 21st Century. While there are surely disagreements about how to improve schools, we strongly urge you to stop spending teachers’ hard-earned dues dollars on dishonest attack ads that mislead voters instead of informing them. Rather than trying to distract the public with mudslinging, let’s work together to demand a substantive debate about how to improve schools and give all children in California the education they deserve.

Read the full letter, here. Listen to the ad here.

Tuck, a Democrat, has spent more than a decade improving education opportunities and turning around schools in some of Los Angeles’ toughest neighborhoods. Tuck has only worked in union schools and supports teachers’ right to organize.

Tuck served as Founding CEO of the Partnership for Los Angeles Schools from 2007-2013. Under Tuck’s leadership, the Partnership schools increased four-year graduation rates by over 60%. Over the last 5 years, the Partnership schools have ranked #1 in academic improvement among school systems with more than 10,000 students in the state.

Prior to his leadership at the Partnership, Tuck served as President of Green Dot Public Schools, an organization of unionized charter schools that has grown into a national model.