Marshall Tuck campaign releases new ad against false attack

From Marshall Tuck campaign

The Marshall Tuck campaign has released a new ad in response to the multiple false and misleading attack ads from incumbent Superintendent Tom Torlakson and his Sacramento allies. The new ad, “Instead” focuses on the need for major change to turn around California’s failing schools and calls out Sacramento politicians for playing politics instead of focusing on California’s kids.

Listen here.

Torlakson and his allies are spending millions on radio ads, commercials and mailers full of distortions and half-truths in an attempt to distract voters from the the real issues facing the State Superintendent’s race.

Most recently, the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and their California partner CFT, released a blatantly false ad that wrongly accuses Tuck of being a “Wall Street Banker” who would privatize California’s failing public schools.

The truth: Tuck is committed to public education and has spent more than a decade working in, opening, and turning around public schools in some of Los Angeles’ toughest neighborhoods.

Tuck worked in an investment firm when he was 22 and 23. Now 41, he has focused his career in education. This summer, the San Jose Mercury called the ‘banker’ claim a “hacdk cliche.”

The AFT smear ad came on the heels of a dishonest mailer recently sent to Californians by the incumbent himself. Read the fact check here.

It’s no surprise that every major newspaper in California has rejected Torlakson and endorsed Marshall Tuck for State Superintendent. The CTA is also airing false attack ads on the radio statewide.