I understand, through my sources, that the world of Clipperland has missed this blog. I also am interested in linking this blog to other blogs to be a ”blog agent” of sorts, so if you know of such blogs, please send my the url….

What I do have to say is this: So much has remained stable within the Clippers this offseason that it freaks me out. I’m not used to this stability. How can anyone?

It looks as if the franchise is doing everything right to keep together a contender. A handful of stories have been about possible contract extensions to Chris Kaman and Mike Dunleavy. While it probably would be smart for the organization to lock up those guys, a pressing need is hardly there this offseason, especially with Kaman who is a RESTRICTED free agent next offseason. The Clippers would be outlandishly foolish to let him go, and I think they know this…

What do you think?

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