Free-agent scoop: Right here

The scoop is this: The Clippers are desperately trying to sign a veteran point guard and have two guys in which they’re negotiating. The problem is that those guys are negotiating with other teams, too, so no deals are imminent. Exactly who those players are, the Clippers don’t want to say because they don’t want to have their names in stories adversely affect negotiating.

However, we do know this much: The Clippers are hoping Sam Cassell will be their starter. They figure that Guillermo Diaz, second-round pick Jared Jordan and Will Conroy will battle for the third-string point guard job.

So they’re looking for a No. 2 point guard. Jason Hart filled in admirably and could be the guy, but he is testing the free-agent market. Personally, I like Hart and think he’d fit the team’s needs. No matter what, this is a very important move because there is no guarantee Cassell will hold up as their starter…