Korolev is back … for now

Ahoy! Yaroslav Korolev was in Clipper training camp on Tuesday, after signing a free-agent, tryout contract on Tuesday morning.


Barring some type of super-duper mega impressing of the coaching staff, Korolev will not be on the team this season. Even with some super-duper mega impressing, he still wont make the team because the Clippers already will have a league-maximum 15 players under contract.

Various items about Korolev have been on the Web and in the MSM speculating where he might play. One item said he would be playing in Turkey.

On Tuesday, Korolev took some time to clarify what happened.

“I did workouts with different teams, but of course, there are a lot of rumors, Korolev said. “If theres an offer from a team, then youre going there. But thats not true. If youre just talking to them, it doesnt mean youre going there. I was talking to a Turkey team, but Im here.

Korolev says he hopes to have such a great training camp that he shows an NBA team that he is worth signing. More realistically, he might show a foreign-league scout that he is worth signing or maybe an American minor league.

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