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Although acquiring a third-string point guard probably isnt a big move for most teams, it was for the Clippers with Dan Dickau because the teams other point guards — Sam Cassell and Brevin Knight — both are aging and have had recent injury issues.

Knights performance this upcoming season will be interesting to watch. He is known as a good floor leader who plays speedy defense, but his jump shot has always been suspect.

Oddly, Knight and Cassell (if pronounced a little differently) are both chess terms. Mind you, the Clippers used to have Sean Rooks, and its not a stretch to think someone named King or Bishop might eventually come through the college ranks.

Anyway, through free agency, the Clippers basically traded Jason Hart for Knight, and it will be interesting to see how each performs this season. Hart, who also has a cool last name, is with the Utah Jazz.

Hart took part in a fabulous defensive matchup last season, when he guarded Luther Head of the Houston Rockets. It was a typical Cartesian battle of Hart vs. Head. Usually, I like Head in that match-up, but I think Hart actually had the better night.

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