A new Clipper mascot?

I have been promoting the idea of a Clipper mascot for years. One idea was “Clippy: The Seafaring Wonderdog.” Well, that idea only got some rolls of the eyes — and rightfully so. Yes, it is lame.

But this year, could there be a better mascot than Underdog??


The Clippers are back to their traditional role of perpetual underdogs. Maybe that role will help them steal a few extra wins when they’re taking too lightly.

Other than getting in touch with that role, not too much is happening on the Clipper front. A few guys have minor injuries, but it does not look like anyone key will be out for Friday’s opener.

Juice trumps Thunder

My brief efforts to nickname fantastic-looking rookie Al Thornton “Thunder,” in an homage to former Cleveland Indians slugger Andre “Thunder” Thornton have been trumped. Instead, Thornton is being called “Juice”


Apparently, wily Sam Cassell has gotten his teammates to call the rookie Juice. He’s smooth and has looked refreshing to Clipper fans, so, heck, perhaps Sam’s nickname works better. Sorry, Tribe fans, no Thunder Thornton II.

Corey Maggette’s body language

The Clippers’ season is two weeks away, and it’s shocking that there hasn’t been a story on Corey Maggette being disgruntled yet. But, no, no, Corey says he’s as happy as can be and excited about this new season.


But Maggette’s body language on the Clippers’ bench needs a make-over. He often slumps down with a grim look on his mug, not looking happy at all. It also is curious that he’s typically as far away from the coach on the bench as possible. Does that observation really mean anything? Probably not. But it is something to watch, just a few games into the preseason.

New Inside The Clippers podcast

Here’s a little something that we’re toying with: a Clippers podcast. We’re planning on doing one every other week, just to get started. So please, tell a friend. Tell your foes. Tell your mom. Inside The Clippers has a podcast.

Click here for the first episode.

And if you have any questions that you’d like answered, please feel free to drop Joe a line or leave a comment at the end of this post.

The Clippers’ new “Thunder”

A long line of Thorntons have come through professional sports. There’s the hockey player, Joe Thornton, with the San Jose Sharks. There was the former Cleveland Indians slugger Andre “Thunder” Thornton. There is also the City of Thornton in Colorado, and “Sling Blade” actor Billy Bob Thornton – mm-hmm.


Nowadays, the Clippers’ have the next Thornton, rookie Al Thornton. Expect him to be in the Clippers’ rotation immediately. He had a double-double, 18 points and 10 rebounds, in the team’s exhibition loss at Portland on Wednesday and has played at least 31 minutes in both of the Clippers’ exhibitions.

Here’s one vote to call him the new “Thunder.” Mm-hmm.

Davis vs. Powell??

i-1d9e18b01f6805f86bb2bdc6b4f87c48-Michigan_state_logo.jpgThe Clippers exhibition season starts tonight in Denver, and there is at least one key battle happening within the rotation. This question looms: Who will be the first big man off the bench?

The battle right now is between second-year center Paul Davis and free-agent acquisition Josh Powell. The problem is this: Neither has had consistent playing time. But if you went by the teams intrasquad scrimmage on Saturday, Davis would be the frontrunner.

Davis ran the court well and snagged some rebounds, while Powell didnt really make his presence known. That could all change in the preseason. We shall see