All guaranteed with Dickau

I have done a perusal of other Clipper blogs and chat rooms and the such and realize that the passion of Clipper nation remains strong, despite a potentially disastrous season on tap with Elton Brand and Shaun Livingston hurt.

I have also noticed that a lot of fans love to play coach and/or general manager trying to figure out who will make the team and who will start. As a member of the MSM Mainstream Media, I believe that means, — I have access and information to stop some of the misinformation out there. Some of it comes solely from the blogosphere, while other misinformation actually comes from the MSM itself.


After the Clippers sign Dan Dickau on Wednesday, they will have 15 guaranteed contracts, so their roster will be set unless the team makes a trade or buys out one of the guaranteed players. The starting roster is expected to be: Sam Cassell, Cuttino Mobley, Corey Maggette, Tim Thomas and Chris Kaman.

However, that starting lineup presents a problem because Quinton Ross is Cassells defensive valet, and he might start in place of Mobley or Maggette.

As for former first-round pick Yaroslav Korolev, he was not signed to a tryout contract as of Monday afternoon. But coach Mike Dunleavy said he expected to see Korolev in camp, although that might not happen. If Korolev does come to camp, he will not have a guaranteed contract and not have a partially guaranteed contract. He would simply join Marcus Douthit and Kimani Ffriend (yes, two Fs) with a free-agent, tryout contract.

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