A contract issue

Well, a few days later, the Clippers have gotten over the release of Ruben Patterson. Actually, they got over that earlier, the NBA being a business and all, but Patterson was a well-liked guy with tons of NBA experience. He seemed like a keeper.


However, he was the only Clipper with a non-guaranteed contract, and so the team thought it would be a better idea to let him go before his contract became guaranteed than keep him. At least one other player — and possibly three guys — on the roster would seem to be the player to get rid of, but those guys had a guaranteed contract.

The new Clipper, Richie Frahm, also has a non-guaranteed contract. So he may not stay with the squad. If Sam Cassell stays injured and either Brevin Knight or Dan Dickau go down, expect the Clippers to immediately sign a point guard…

What makes a center?

As shocking as it may sound, considering Chris Kaman’s underachieving debacle last year, it is a relevant Clipper conversation to wonder if Kaman can make the All-Star team. It is a possibility, but I wouldn’t bet on it.


The problem is that Yao Ming will get voted in as the Western Conference starting center, and the Suns’ Amare Stoudemire probably will be the backup. So where does that leave Kaman? Well, off the team. If Stoudemire were considered a power forward, then Kaman would have a shot. But as it stands, Stoudemire is listed as a center on the All-Star ballot, and that seriously hurts Kaman’s chances.

At least the league helped Kaman by moving Tim Duncan from center to forward, after he was listed as a center earlier in the season…