A contract issue

Well, a few days later, the Clippers have gotten over the release of Ruben Patterson. Actually, they got over that earlier, the NBA being a business and all, but Patterson was a well-liked guy with tons of NBA experience. He seemed like a keeper.


However, he was the only Clipper with a non-guaranteed contract, and so the team thought it would be a better idea to let him go before his contract became guaranteed than keep him. At least one other player — and possibly three guys — on the roster would seem to be the player to get rid of, but those guys had a guaranteed contract.

The new Clipper, Richie Frahm, also has a non-guaranteed contract. So he may not stay with the squad. If Sam Cassell stays injured and either Brevin Knight or Dan Dickau go down, expect the Clippers to immediately sign a point guard…

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