Clippers to trade Cassell?

Nothing is imminent, and the Clippers have been quiet about possibly moving Sam Cassell. But there are logical reasons to think the 38-year-old point guard will be traded before the league’s February trade deadline.

The Clippers already are far out of the playoff picture, and this is the final year of Cassell’s two-year deal with the Clips. He can still score and could help a playoff-bound team looking for scoring from the point-guard position. A big question is what the Clippers can get for him, and their dream probably would be a first-round pick, but there’s no guarantee they can get that.

If the Clippers are thinking about their future, and they should be with so many key injuries this season, having Cassell really doesn’t benefit them. It will be interesting to see how things play out and if the team finds something worthwhile for the likable veteran.

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