No moves mean no improvement

As the Clippers stare at the Feb. 21 trading deadline, the word is that they’re listening to trades, but nothing is imminent. In other words, they may not do anything, despite the frenzy of deals in the Western Conference and despite their horrendous season.

The problem is that they hardly have anything worth much as trade bait. They are hoping to get a late first-round draft pick for Sam Cassell, but that might not happen. Corey Maggette’s name is swirling around with rumors yet again, but they might not get anything better back for him.

Maybe there is no move that makes sense for them. But with the team struggling and with them in desperate need of outside shooting, maybe they should try some sort of shake up.

Bottom line: Even with the team struggling so much, don’t be suprised if they don’t make a move. Although it seems unnecessary and borderline preposterous, the 38-year-old Cassell could actually remain with them for the rest of the season. At least, that’s the talk around the Clippers. But maybe it’s just talk, and they’re hoping Cassell’s value increases.