A little less boom….

Here’s the story I filed on Baron Davis’ press conference today. Baron said he’d dropped 19 pounds since early August, though when I asked, he wouldn’t say exactly how much he started at, or finished at. I suppose we’ll have to wait til Tuesday’s opening of training camp for the official weigh-in, then do the math šŸ˜‰

By Ramona Shelburne
Staff Writer

There will be considerably less Boom in Baron Davis’ Dizzle this season.

The Clippers’ newest leading man announced Friday morning there is an important new leading lady in his life: Diet maven Jenny Craig.

Looking svelte and trim in a neat grey suit, Davis said he’s lost 19 pounds since starting the program in early August and that he’d signed on as Jenny Craig’s most high-profile male spokesperson.

“I wanted to be a lot slimmer and quicker for the types of things we are going to do this season,” said the former UCLA star, who signed a five-year, $65-million contract with the Clippers this summer. “I feel great now. I’m at my playing weight, I’m in good shape. So now it’s just more maintaining and making sure I stay on my Ps and Qs. Like when we’re on the road, on one of those seven or eight-game road trips, you may lose a game and you just want to pig out late at night but you gotta have that discipline.”

Davis said his weight frequently fluctuates during the offseason, and that he turned to Jenny Craig to try something new this time around. He credits his friend, and Jenny Craig spokeswoman Queen Latifah with helping him make the commitment this offseason.

As strange athlete endorsements go, the pairing isn’t exactly Dan Marino endorsing Isotoner gloves, or Joe DiMaggio pitching Mr. Coffee machines, but Davis admits that it’s definitely opened him up to some ribbing from his friends. At least until they see him call his personal diet consultant, Victoria, for advice, or cook them one of the pre-packaged Jenny Craig dinners.

“The food is good, I’m telling you,” Davis said. “My favorites are the turkey chili, the macaroni n’ cheese with vegetables, the chicken fettucini alfredo, the southwest burrito. I know all the best stuff they got.”

He also hopes his story inspires others. Like … “My first target is coach (Mike) Dunleavy. I can tell he’s interested because he’s asked me all these questions about it.

“But seriously though. I hope this makes other people want to be healthier in their life. It’s not always easy. I had my ups and downs with it. Like in the beginning, you’re losing weight, feeling great, and then nothing happens and you get discouraged. But you have to stick with it. And the best thing about (Jenny Craig) is I had my consultant, Victoria, who I could call to help get through those points.”

Davis and the Clippers begin training camp on Tuesday morning.

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