Meet your new Clippers

The names were still on the back of the jerseys as the Clippers gathered at their gleaming new practice facility here in Playa Vista, but with 13 new faces among the 18 players who gathered for media day Monday, it would’ve been helpful to put something out front.

“We all have to adjust, but that’s the exciting point about being on a new team,” Clippers guard Baron Davis said. “We have so much to look forward to and to learn.”

And decide… For instance:

How will Marcus Camby and Chris Kaman play together?

Where will the lowpost scoring come from?

How quickly will rookie Eric Gordon make an impact?

Is Ricky Davis going to be a starter?

What happened to Jason Williams?

Where does Cuttino Mobley fit into all of this?

Oh, and how does a guy go from being the new guy to face of the franchise overnight, as Davis is attempting to do?

The Clippers, having spent the last six weeks cooling off from one of the wildest offseasons in NBA history, provided some preliminary answers to those questions Monday.

“I expect we’re going to have a team that can defend, block shots and rebound and if we do that, we’ll have some good opportunities,” Dunleavy said.

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