Regarding Shaun…

One of the big questions floating through Clippers camp pertains to Shaun Livingston. Basically, now that Jason Williams has retired and won’t be in camp, does that increase the chances of Livingston coming back to LA?

Coach Mike Dunleavy said he didn’t think it would have any effect.

“We offered him a contract and he turned it down,” Dunleavy said. “I think they know where we stand, so the ball is pretty much in their court now.”

Dunleavy said the team had offered Livingston a two-year contract, with the first year guaranteed. The second year would have a player-option.

When Livingston passed on it, the Clippers went after Williams.

Asked whether that means the team would reach out to Livingston again, Dunleavy said, “I don’t think we need to. They know where we stand. We still like Shaun a lot.”

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