Your Daily Shaun Livingston Update

I’ve had a chance to speak with a few more people about the Shaun Livingston situation in the last few days and get a better sense of just how serious the club is about bringing him back.

The last conversation the Clippers have had with free-agent guard Shaun Livingston came in the beginning of August, when it offered him a two-year deal and Livingston passed on it. That deal was for a minimum salary and was guaranteed. Livingston would’ve had an option for the second year.

While that deal isn’t officially still on the table, the door is more than open. Though I’m told that it’s Livingston and his agent who would need to re-open talks.

“We’re definitely interested,” Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy said. “They clearly know where we stand. It’s been talked about and written about.

“We know what his potential is and it was worth it to guarantee a minimum contract for the year. If he had the durability, he’d be a big help for us in the playoffs.”

Nothing between the Clippers and Livingston is imminent though. The Clippers are happy with the 14 players they have under contract, and would prefer to leave open a spot or two through training camp in case someone gets hurt, or another need arises.

That’s basically what’s happening with Livingston and his other potential suitors, too. At this point, Livingston is more like an investment. His potential is enticing, but teams still want to see how he recovers from that devastating knee injury he suffered in February of 2007.

Miami and Minnesota are still the two most likely destinations, but Miami needs to sort out some salary cap issues first, and Minnesota has to decide if it’s willing to up its offer.