Gordon’s ankle injury is a little more serious

Just got word that rookie Eric Gordon’s ankle injury is now being classified as a “high-ankle sprain” and he will miss “at least 1-2 weeks” according to Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy.

Gordon, the Clippers first-round draft choice (No. 7 overall), was injured Tuesday night when he stepped on the foot of a teammate. He was originally supposed to be out 5-10 days.

“I think I’ll be back next week. It’s not broke or anything,” Gordon said. “If this was during the season, I’d really want to be playing. But since it’s now, I think I’ll wait until it’s 100 percent.

“I bounce back from injuries well. I was in pretty good shape coming into training camp, and most guys need training camp to get into shape.”

The biggest challenge?

“I have three levels of stairs to go up in my apartment,” he said. “And I was on crutches last night, so it was kind of hard.”

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