What are the chances?

What are the chances that Baron Davis, Marcus Camby and Tim Thomas all miss the rest of the exhibiton season? Pretty high actually. Camby (bruised right heel) admitted Sunday that his new goal is to be ready to go in the season opener against the Lakers on October 29. Davis (sprained finger) was rather wishy-washy when I asked if he’d be back next week: “Something like that … we’ll have to play it by ear.”

Of the three, Thomas (groin) seems the closest to returning, but a groin injury is the kind of thing you make extra sure of before you come back, because it’s so easy to re-injure.

“Me and BD have been out of the lineup, Tim has been out of the lineup. We never really played a second of the whole preseason together. But after the last game of the preseason, we got like four or five days of practice so hopefully we can get a lot accomplished and be ready to roll,” Camby said Sunday evening after the Clippers exhibition win over FC Barcelona.

The question then becomes whether any of those three players will miss more than the exhibition season. I spoke with several players in the locker room and no one seemed all that concerned about Davis’ injury except Camby, who cryptically mentioned, “I’m pretty sure I’ll be back before BD.”

Davis’ X-rays were negative, but an MRI on Friday was inconclusive so he’s still got to get an opinion from the hand specialist he’ll see Monday, so no one knows for sure yet. Second-year forward Al Thornton seemed more optimistic.

“I think Baron’s going to be ready for that first game,” Thornton said. “He’s gotta be ready: It’s the Lake show, Staples Center, national TV, I think he’s just playin’ with y’all.

“It’s the left hand so he’ll be OK. It’s just his guiding hand.”

So which teammate is more in the know? Hard to say, but Camby’s locker is right next to Davis.’

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