Injury updates

Just got done speaking with Baron Davis, Tim Thomas and Marcus Camby and the latest is, all are trying to get back for the season opener against the Lakers on October 29, but no one is definitively ruling themselves in.

Thomas actually, is ruling himself out of Friday’s exhibition finale, saying he wants to be a little cautious with the injured groin which has caused him to miss all but one exhibition game.

Of the three, it sounded as if Thomas was the closest to returning, followed by Davis and then Camby.

Camby said he’s going to get a cortisone shot on his injured right heel Friday morning in the hopes it helps to control some of the pain and allows him to get a few practices in before opening night.

“I probably still need a couple more weeks of healing, but the time right now is not on my side with the season approaching in five or six days so I’m trying to do everything possible to get back out on the court,” Camby said.

When I asked whether it was possible he’d sit out a couple more weeks, Camby said, “No. I’m long overdue. I’ve been wanting to get out there on that court for some time now. I definitely want to get out there opening night.”

And if not opening night, what are the chances of Camby playing in the October 31 game against Denver?

“It’s a great chance,” he said. “ A lot of people are going to hype that game to be a revenge game or something like that, but honestly I’m just looking forward to seeing the guys again. They’re the guys I been with the last six years and we developed lifelong bonds, so just being out there on the court is going to be like reminicent of being in practice with those guys, so it’s nothing against the team at all.”

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