Answers Part III

Everyone knows that the New Jersey Nets are on their rebuilding mode. Well just by saying that… Are the Clips making an offer to trade Cat Mobley & Tim Thomas for Vince Carter?

The Clippers have continuous discussions with a lot of teams, just as all NBA teams do. That doesn’t mean anything is imminent. And I’d say a deal for Carter is unlikely, mostly because if New Jersey were to trade Vince, it’d be very hard to a. sell tickets in the short run and b. convince LeBron James in 2010 that the situation there offers him a greater chance to win than he’s currently got in Cleveland. Also, since the object of that kind of a trade would be to unload Carter’s contract for two contracts that have only two years left on them –thus clearing space for the summer of 2010– why would the Clippers want to help New Jersey out? Wouldn’t it be smarter to just clear space for 2010 for themselves…

Whats the latest on Sofo? Are they ever going to bring him over from Greece? When do they lose his rights?

I’m going to have to look into this one and get back to you next week. Sorry about that. If you read Greek, have a look at his website and tell me what it says šŸ™‚ I noticed there was still a link to the Clippers on it.

I thought I saw somewhere that we had the T-wolves first round pick next year. Is that true or is it lottery protected like the previous years?

Yes, it’s true. But the pick is Top 10 protected until 2012, the seventh year after the Marko Jaric trade. That means the Clips get Minnesota’s first round pick as soon as that pick is 11 or higher until 2012, when they’d get Minnesota’s first round pick unconditionally.

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