Answers Part IV

Here’s the last set of answers. Thanks for all the questions folks. I’ll open the floor up again in the middle of next week and do it again.

Is coach working on improving ball movement on offense? It seems like the better teams in the West really move the ball around, and I’m not sure the Clippers are emphasizing this.

Coach is emphasizing a lot of things in training camp, but nothing more so than the importance of defense. Every player in the lockeroom talks about it. The other night, I asked Ricky Davis whether the Clippers had a chance to be like the Phoenix Suns or Golden State Warriors of the last few years and he said he’d rather be like the Boston Celtics of last year.

That said, with regard to the offense, it’s been very hard to tell yet what kind of team the Clippers will be because of all the injuries. So much of the offense will flow from Baron Davis that it’s not even worth drawing conclusions from the way the team has played during exhibition games.

How is everyone getting along (on-court/off-court chemistry) and adjusting to their new teammates? How are the vets (Cat, Kaman, Thomas, etc.) liking the new training facility?

From the looks of things, Mobley and Thomas have bonded very quickly with the new guys, specifically with Baron Davis. Mobley and Baron are the unquestioned leaders of the team at this point. Kaman, I think, takes his time a bit more. That doesn’t mean he’s not fitting in though. When people get to know him, he’s quite endearing. As Baron put it on his blog, “Chris Kaman is funny as hell!!! How does this guy not have his own reality show…? Seriously, I’m gonna follow him around with my camera after practice and call it “Life On Mars.” I want royalties if they go with that name tho… LOL.”

The practice facility is hard not to love. It’s state of the art in every way. I’d even venture to say it’s one of the nicest complexes in the NBA.

Are they still looking for a 4th PG? Is Lindsay Hunter still being considered?

As far as I know, no. Lindsey Hunter was brought in when the team was still awaiting word on the severity of Baron Davis’ finger injury. He had a really good workout, so if Baron has any setbacks, I’m sure Hunter would be right back in the picture. But as far as I know, the team is going with the 14 players it has right now on the roster. They had been pretty adamant about wanting to stick with 14 all through training camp, which is why Jelani McCoy is gone even though he had a pretty good camp.

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