Jordan could see time in D-League

Rookie center DeAndre Jordan was inactive again tonight, which makes you wonder whether he’s a candidate to be sent to the D-League at some point.

“Yeah, it’s possible he could do that,” coahc Mike Dunelavy said before the game. “Basically with DeAndre, he’s a rookie and he’s got a lot to learn yet.

“We really have been pleased by what he’s done and how hard he works but there’s such a curve. A lot of these guys come in and they haven’t seen different sets around the league, it doesn’t come automatically to them. You got to experience it a little more, in his case.”

Would Dunleavy consider the same thing for rookie guard Mike Taylor?

“Probably not. He’s played well and we need three point guards at all times because somebody could get injured,” Dunleavy said.

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