Answers Part II

Sorry to be so slow with these this week. I’ve been sick the last few days. Here’s the second set of answers…

Has there been any talk of Dunleavy stepping down as Coach and solely focusing on being the GM? I would like to see them go after a coach who can actually utilize Baron’s athleticism and instincts as well as the team’s athleticism in the right way.

In a word: No. I have asked this question very delicately to a couple of people within the organization, because there’s obviously a bit of frustration on how the team is performing, but I don’t think anyone is thinking along these lines right now.

Do you know if any of the team or staff check Clipper blogs/message boards to see what the fans are saying? If so, who and where?

I don’t know about this. Sorry. A week or so ago, coach Dunleavy said he reads hoopshype every day. And Peter Vecsey, whenever he writes.

Has Kim Hughes been able to work with DeAndre Jordan much in practice?

Yeah, Kim works with all the big guys. I see Kim and Kaman staying after practice all the time. DeAndre, being a rookie, also works some with Fred Vinson, who is the “young guy” coach.

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