Answers Part III

Last week I asked you how well the players get along and you said they get along great. How is the players’ relationships to the coach? Not just Baron Davis, but in general. Do the vets like Cat, Ricky and TT respect coach Dunleavy? Do the rookies like Gordon and Jordan understand why they don’t play as much?

I actually had this conversation with Ricky last week, just trying to get his perspective on how Dunleavy compares with the NBA’s ultimate stickler, Pat Riley, whom he played for in Miami last season and Ricky said it was’t even close.

Dunleavy, in his mind at least, is actually pretty laid back.

“He lets guys be guys,” Ricky Davis said. Compared to Miami, where “everything was monitored.”

I haven’t spoken to Tim or Cat about this recently, so I can’t speak directly on this.

How visible is Donald Sterling around the team? Practices? Locker rooms? Does he interact with the players? He used to love to talk to Lamar Odom.

I don’t see Mr. Sterling at practice, or in the locker rooms, but he’s generally pretty visible at Staples Center on game days. I’ve seen him walking around the building quite a bit recently.

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