Dunleavy wants to keep ’em

Here’s what coach and GM Mike Dunleavy had to say Friday night when I asked whether this move was a precursor to any other moves.

“There’s plenty of minutes for all three of them,” Dunleavy said. “I don’t anticipate trading any of those three guys because I think they can play together. That’s why we went out and got them.

“I think it’s going to be great for us, as long as guys don’t get caught up in the ego part of the game.”

Dunleavy also said there is a possibility all three could play on the floor at the same time, meaning Al Thornton could see some time at the shooting guard spot.

“We could just go real big,” he said. “I think Marcus has shown the ability to guard smaller players. He did that tonight (against Philadelphia) several times.”

In the short term, the most likely scenario would be Randolph coming off the bench while he learns the system (a few games at most), then Dunleavy deciding which combinations work best. Dunleavy believes Camby is a perfect complementary player for Kaman and Randolph.

For now, Ricky Davis will likely start at the 2 spot, but rookie Eric Gordon will see a lot more playing time. If he seizes the opportunity, the starting job could be his sooner rather than later.

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