Trade winds

I’ve been checking into the reports out of New York all morning and getting nothing but radio silence on the Clippers end. That usually means one of three things: 1. They don’t want to talk at all 2. They haven’t decided yet 3. Something else.

Essentially, it’s wait and see until radio silence ends.

Here’s what I will tell you, from the recent conversations I’ve had with the Clippers. Payroll flexibility is very important to them. Cuttino Mobley and Tim Thomas both have contracts that expire before the golden year of 2010. Hence, they are very attractive to every team in the league. That’s also why they are attractive to the Clippers, who have quietly worked very hard to become players for 2010 as well.

That said, the Clippers like Zach Randolph a lot. They tried to land him over the summer, making New York the same kind of offer they made Denver when they acquired Marcus Camby. Basically, a straight salary dump. New York passed, wanting a real asset from the Clippers.

In my last conversation with the front office, I was told the team was not having substantial discussions involving Chris Kaman. And that it was going to be very hard for them to make a deal before December 15 because a quarter of the roster can not be traded before then. They also have no intention of trading any of the three rookies.

That means there were six players who could be traded: Thomas, Mobley, Baron Davis, Ricky Davis, Paul Davis, Brian Skinner.

I think that makes things quite obvious, since Baron isn’t going anywhere soon and Ricky, Paul and Brian don’t have much trade value except as throw-ins to make salaries match up.

As soon as I hear something I’ll get back to you.

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