Other rumors

A lot of rumors have been flying around about the Clippers and Charlotte talking about trades for Chris Kaman. Every time another one hits the internet, I call up four or five people who generally know what’s going on, and am told the same thing: Kaman isn’t being traded.

I’m not the only one making these calls of course. Agents and front office types are too, just seeing if there is anything to them. Any one of these calls could result in movement in the situation, which is sort of what happened last week when talks with the Knicks stalled over the Knicks’ request for Marcus Camby and draft picks, then re-opened later in the week after the Knicks came back and said they’d do the deal for Mobley and Thomas.

I can only go off of what people tell me, but every time I ask I’m told that nothing substantive is happening with Kaman right now.

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