What happened to Ricky?

Ricky Davis has been a bit of a mystery this season, averaging career lows pretty much across the board and shooting a frigid 27 percent. Wednesday he provided a glimpse of what might be wrong.

Apparently the tendinitis in his left knee has been flaring up a lot this season, making it painful to jump, shoot and cut. He’s tried to play through it because the team needed him, and he knew he had an opportunity to play a lot in the early going. Unfortunately the pain, he said Wednesday, has gotten to be too much and he’s going to shut it down for a little while to try and get things back in order.

“It’s awful. We’re probably looking at about two weeks,” Davis said, when asked how much time he’d miss. “I haven’t really put a time on it yet. It was just a lot of pain going on.’

Why is he shutting it down now?

“I feel like I’m out there like 60 percent,” he said. “I’m kind of hurting the team more than anything. I decided to sit down and get it right. I thought I could play through it a little bit. I’d rather get it right.”

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