BDs mood

I’m not always big into trying to read guys moods from what they saw and how they act. Any NBA player who has been in the league for a few years is pretty good at saying and doing the right things when the media is around.

But I will say, Baron Davis’ mood seems to have brightened considerably in the last week. Basically, as soon as the Randolph trade went down, and about the same time Eric Gordon and Mike Taylor have gotten it going. BD seems to really enjoy mentoring the rookies.

Tonight after the close loss to the Nuggets, Baron went around the locker room giving fist taps to all the guys and wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving. He’s social on other nights, but this was by far the most I’d seen him reach out to the team after a tough loss.

The other day we had a chance to ask him about mentoring the young players. Here’s what he said:

“With Mike it’s a little different because he is a point guard so it’s like a lot of times you have to do more coaching,” Davis said. “You have to tell him, `that’s not a good play, that’s not a good pass, you gotta pass the ball to him.’ I’m a little harder on Mike than I am on Eric because they play two different positions. We have a great relationship though.

“When I come off the court and sit on the bench, he’s in my ear. And I respect that because he knows what I can do out there and he’s making sure I’m doing everything that I possibly can, it’s another set of eyes. He has good eyes and Jason Hart is the same way. We all kind of communicate to each other and try to help each other out there.”