Random thought for the night

I was thinking about the offseason move that brought Jason Hart to the Clippers for Brevin Knight. Considering Hart has barely gotten off the pine since Mike Dunleavy made the move to play rookie Mike Taylor ahead of him, why would the Clippers even bother going out and getting Hart.

I’ve spoke with several people about this and the general feeling was that the club felt Hart would be a better fit for the No. 3 guard role than Knight, more from a locker room, team chemistry perspective than anything.

Since his demotion, Hart has been nothing but professional. He pushes Taylor in practice, teaches him, and is generally a pretty positive guy in the locker room.

Knight, the feeling is, may not have been as keen on riding the pine. And as such, would’ve stunted the development of Taylor, who has been a real bright spot in an otherwise dreary season.

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