Dallas 100, Clippers 98

Just got done watching the end of what is probably one of the Clippers toughest losses to swallow of the season. The Clippers just blew a 12-point fourth quarter lead and let a guy named Jose Barea flat out beat them at the end of what could’ve been a season-changing win.

Barea is a nice player. He’s cat-quick, smart and fearless. But when you play against the Mavs, he’s not the guy you want beating you.

Anyway, from my vantage point, here’s what went wrong in the final few minutes.

1. Failure to get the ball to Zach Randolph
Randolph was a beast in this game, but at the end the Clippers stopped feeding him the ball in the post.

2. Settling for jumpers
Part and parcel with a failure to get Randolph the ball. The Clippers did not take a shot inside of 16 feet in the last 5:02 of the game.

3. Failure to take time off the clock

When you’re trying to run out the clock, you can’t take shots early in the shot clock. It’s one thing if there’s a clear path to the basket, but in the final five minutes of the game it really seemed like the Clippers shot way to quickly on several key possessions.

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