Cuttino Mobley update

It is still too early to call which way this thing is going to go, but the latest reports out of New York confirm what I’d begun to suspect: that Cuttino Mobley’s heart condition — which briefly held up the Zach Randolph trade — is a lot more serious than previously believed.

The trade, in effect, might have been the best thing for Mobley if the condition he has, believed to be an enlarged heart, has actually worsened since his last physical with the Clippers before training camp began this September.

Because of their experience with Eddy Curry the Knicks are among the most cautious and knowledgeable teams in these matters in the NBA. At first, I like many others in the league, assumed they were just being cautious with Mobley as well. Especially when they tried to get some extra compensation from the Clippers during the 24-hour delay.

But since that time, Mobley has been seeing specialists all around the country trying to determine if it’s safe for him to continue his career.

Clippers coach Mike Dunleavy and many of the guys on the team have been sending Mobley text messages throughout the process, just checking in on him.

So far, nobody, not even Mobley, knows what the end result will be or whether Mobley will be able to continue his career.

“He’s just trying to see what’s the best for him health-wise,” teammate and former Clipper Tim Thomas told the New York Times. “I told him, ‘Your health is more important than anything else.’ He played 11 years, made some good money. If he’s not able to play, it’s just time to invest and move on.”

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