Since the Clippers are out of town this week, I figured I’d open the floor up for some questions. Try and have them in by Friday afternoon, though I’ll try and answer them as they come in.

I noticed someone asked about Kaman’s return date…

Last time I asked Mike Dunleavy about it, he said Kaman would likely be out until Christmas. The Clips play Dec. 22 vs. Toronto, then have a long break until Dallas comes to town on December 28. The Clippers will take the 23-25 off, then reconvene the afternoon of the 26th, meaning all the guys will have a chance to go home for Xmas, though most likely they’d have to fly home the night of the 25th to be back in town for practice on the 26th.

All that said, my guess would be the soonest Kaman would be back is the game on the 28th, though it could be the 30th in Sacramento or the 31st against Philadelphia back at Staples. I can’t see him rushing back for the game on the 22nd when there is a six-day break after that. It would be a much better idea to sit out the 22nd and use the extra week to heal.

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