Housekeeping on the Samb trade

This should shed a bit of light on the situation. The Clippers are essentially getting Cheikh Samb for free. Denver is paying the remaining salary on his contract this year, which is a little less than $420,000. The conditional pick the Clippers are sending to Denver isn’t until 2015 and is 1-55 protected.

In effect, Samb is a free player for the Clippers right now, while Davis would’ve cost them a roster spot and his remaining salary.

The Clippers will put Samb to work immediately, but not at the expense of promising rookie DeAndre Jordan.

And, more importantly, this has nothing to do with Marcus Camby.

As coach and GM Mike Dunleavy said, while laughing, when we asked about the veracity of reports out of New York linking the Clippers to a strange three-way deal with Portland and the Knicks, “Oh yeah, I’m looking to trade 20 rebound (a night) guys every day.”

Another team source told me that the club has assured Camby not to worry about the recent round of rumors, and that the club values him highly.