Report out of New York

Just came across a report out of New York linking the Clippers, once again, to trade talks with the Knicks. This time, it’s Marcus Camby as the focus of the trade talks.

Wait, wasn’t it Camby last time as the focus of trade talks?

In the negotiations with the Knicks in the run-up to the Zach Randolph trade, the Knicks repeatedly asked the Clippers for Camby, and the Clippers repeatedly refused. In fact, about a week before the deal was consummated, the talks were essentially put on hold due to New York’s insistence on Camby being included in the deal.

The Clippers really, really like Camby. If anything, his value has increased this season along with the monster numbers he’s been putting up. He’s averaging 18.3 rebounds in his last eight games.

Still, it should be noted that in recent conversations I’ve had with team sources, the impression I had was that everyone involved is hoping the Clippers can use the second-half of this season to build for the future and lay a foundation.

Marcus is 34 and has one year remaining on his contract after this season. With as well as he’s been playing, his professionalism, and his very reasonable salary, he has to be considered the club’s most desirable trade chip.

At this point though, I’m not sure the club wants to part with him. He is a fantastic complement to Zach Randolph, who should be back from his bruised knee in a week or two.

I will do some more specific checking in the next few days to vet this latest rumor. My first reaction though, is that it’s very unsurprising that other teams would value Marcus and want to acquire him.