Clearing things up

No, the Clippers aren’t that fickle. They didn’t just go and trade for Hassan Adams in the morning and waive him at noon for no reason. Well, they did, but it’s for a pretty good reason.

In between completing the trade for Adams, which basically cost them nothing (a conditional second round pick in 2015 so protected it’ll likely never change hands), and waiving Adams, the club learned that Fred Jones was healthy enough to play in Thursday’s game against San Antonio.

So the choice became Adams –a player the team liked, but who would need some time to learn the system — or Jones, who had played well for them before hurting his foot on Sunday and being waived Monday.

The team chose Jones. The team is expected to sign him to a 10-day contract in the morning and he should be on the court tommorrow night.

“We were just hedging our bets on Fred’s injury,” assistant general manager Neil Olshey said. “He’d played well for us, and if he was healthy, we felt comfortable putting him out on the court tommorrow.”